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Portfolio: "social awareness"
Road Safety - Social Media.

A social media experiment to design a platform structure that could not only take feedback in the form of discussions, but produce a reference archive of more honed articles, in amongst the meyhem of general public participation.

A thought was to have the Social Media comprise two components.....
1. A DISCUSSIONS board, open to all
2. An ARTICLES (magazine style) part, with only honed published topical articles, to exist for reference.
The two would require different platforms, but could be made to match in design and have links to and fro to related issues
Over time, these two platforms were designed and tweeked in an ongoing evolution.... testing that they could remain neat and clean for easy and clear navigation of users and passing visitors

Evolution of platforms:
* The concept…. overall, proved a good design idea, to have articles and discussions, separated and both searchable.
* The catchment was first set at local specific.... and participants kept at few (unpublicised), in order to test and tweek the forums for controls and so be able to tweek into a design and performance desired.
* The catchment was expanded with a national area.... participants kept at a few (unpublicised), in order to expand content subject to national issues.... this proved interesting subjects, but as main aim was for local issues, it was deemed not prudent to "go national".... people would want a local arena for their area.... and that would require modular expansion..... this can be acheived with this design, but the admin and aim was not in place to market this to an escalation.
* Content was small, but deemed of substance and interest.... with evolved structure in place (in the end) to cater (moderate) for larger numbers.

Conclusion to concept experience:
* Strong design for navigation.
* Strong design for discussions and honed articles.... both compatible with links between
* Concept could progress as is, if ready to cater for other local areas.
* As it is..... the design structure would be used for a national platform for a more specific, new road safety concept..... being MOMENTUM EXISTS.

From this Social Media concept..... to a new concept.... using this tried platform:
* Bongo Picnic has been Locked and posts and contents are held in place as READ ONLY for reference.
* A new road safety concept is to benefit from the trial..... using the two components, ARTICLES and DISCUSSIONS.
* The new road safety concept is MOMENTUM EXISTS
..... The Articles could carry the educational explanations, in small reference chunks.
..... THe Articles could carry visual aids (posters and videos)..... in easy to navigate categories
..... The Articles could have the comments moderated (good for constructive feedback.... limited for wide discussive feedback)

..... The discussions could cater for the wide discussive type feedback, building up extra forum titles to cater for expansion, should the need arise.

..... The two components together should cater for a much wider, online catchment area of interested people.
..... The new road safety concept MOMENTUM EXISTS..... is an original idea..... yet to be proven (or not), in it's own right.

Follow the link in the left sidebar: Road Safety... Momentum.. or jump to it HERE

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