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The name, cave wall media, was inspired out of appreciation for the early-days efforts & works of storytelling & visual design... those preserved on some of our planets existing cave walls.

Cave Wall Media design studio / lab

Cave wall media, operates from fieldwork locations and a private studio/lab/office in South West UK. Some guy studied team-work dynamics management and had several years experience in setting up innovative educational projects. Then, as a grown-up, went back to school and got a BSc Hons Underwater Science degree.
Science, the exploration for understanding of the workings of nature... a fascination in fluid dynamics, interactions and visual media, are now added to the original team-work dynamic skills.

Cave Wall Media, has now formed as a small port-folio project, primarily for social enterprise related concepts. It works on its own, or in association with private and public ventures that share a vision of concept innovation... expressed at a social, general public level as... 'storytelling & visual design for education & intrigue'.

Storytelling & visual designs create a method of communicating information in a memorable way. Storytelling creates a series of mental-images in the mind of its recipients.

Mental-images are influenced by any visual images that accompany the story. In the absence of accompanying images, mental-images are simply conjoured up from memory (memory gained from previous experiences... 'other' experiences).
Tell a story with no accompanying images to two people and they may well have a very different mental-picture of the same story told.

If a specific mental-image is desired to be portrayed by the storyteller (for education), then visual design, to create the desired mental-image, is of utmost importance. The importance is in both the visual design and how it is included relating to the story told.

For storytelling, narratives may be accompanied by images, also, images such as visually captured documentary and scientific visual recordings of events, may be accompanied by narratives ...

• cave wall media ( uses storytelling & visual design..... for education & intrigue.


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