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Portfolio: "seeing the unseen"
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Portfolio: "seeing the unseen"
Interactive Wildlife Study - "Sea Shore Antics"

This Sea Shore Antics concept project sets out to create a working sample of an idea to present visual rich media displaying some areas of our UK sea shore wildlife going about their usual, but to us, often unseen or over-looked activities.

The format is a designed content and published software package that the user could access on a personal computer or at a public venue, displayed on a touch-screen type display. The purpose is for education and intrigue.

Design & Build
The design chosen comprises magazine style pages with links embeded for a user to start and stop any interactive activities a page may contain. Pages of choice are selected from a content menu area. Each page carries a different story theme. Each theme is a sample of a sea shore creatures interesting activity... their antics... it's what they do!.

Moving images on digital video are given as clips and short sequences that can be selected and played individually. A range of real-time, slow-motion, time-lapse and scientific imaging methods are accompanied by a mixture of audio narration, music and written information to tell a story for education and intrigue.

Still photograghs are also contained in the pages. These are single photos or a series of photos set out as a sequence. All selected to help visualise the story, being... it's what they do!

Phase 2
Update, promote, market and distribute.

Sea Shore Antics is a Cave Wall Media ( concept & design project.

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