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Concept & Design Work

Portfolio: "seeing the unseen"
• Scientific filming
• Interactive wildlife study
• Critter-Cam system design
• Underwater sports filming

Portfolio: "social awareness"
• Road Safety... Social Media
• Road Safety... Smooth..
• Road Safety... Momentum..
• Bullying... SAN Syndrome
• Plastic Pollution... The Fix

Portfolio: "science for public"
• Oceanography fun reading

Portfolio: "spatial science"
• Considering the Universe

Portfolio: "design releases"
• Shop & Gallery...... Links

CWM is home to:

Left Ear Driver
Prof Puckit
Sea Shore Antics
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Creating concepts for education and intrigue, using storytelling and visual design.

Cave Wall Media's creative format:
• 'collect ideas and observations'... events and situations around us.
• 'evaluate potential'... for a concept project, hypothesis and or educational/intriguing story.
• 'visualise, hone and tweak into a project or product form'... with use of our studio/lab/office.
• 'pass it on'... into an existing market or a created market.

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