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Thoughts & Quotes….. 006: February 2013

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When the tiger comes down from the mountain to the plains, it is bullied by the dogs.

And so the domestic rule has evolved: Dogs have owners and cats have staff.

Just because nobody complains, does’t mean all parachutes are perfect.

Polar bears and penguins, never see eye to eye.






And Finally:
For amusement, we have invented and printed thought bubbles to an otherwise true life photo we took whilst studying rock pools.
The true life photo shows a pair of UK sea shore rock pool fish in an everyday battle of survival….. The Sea Scorpion (left) has pounced and grabbed (head first) the Commen Blenny (right) and is trying to swallow it…… whole….. BUT:

– Just for your info:
The sea scorpion has a firm grip on the blenny…… It’s usual practice, is to gulp its prey down whole…… In the photo, this is what it is trying to do.

– Just for your info:
The blenny has stuck out it’s pectoral fins (seen just in front of SS mouth)….. This has the effect of preventing it being gulped further into the mouth, then the stomach of ‘big mouth’.

– So…… As, what you see here, is occuring every day in our wildlife world of survival…… Both parties are desiring an opposite outcome….. So we thought “perception” would be an amusing human thought provocation….. and we popped some “thought bubbles” to make this point a visual one.


“A matter of perception”


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One Response to "Thoughts & Quotes….. 006: February 2013"

  1. Tasmin says:

    WOW. The thoughts this month are really stimulating!
    The tiger one I apply also to humans being in amongst numpty humans. Wrong place, so best just to leave for own ‘natural’ place.
    The parachute one is brilliant. No complaints if cannot complain = Apparently OK, but not perhaps truely OK

    A veritable feast this month
    (also think the amount of content is just right, now. A few of each seems just right, as can share it without swamping someone to get to the bit you mean to share).


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