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Funnies – “For soon we be weaners” – a light hearted thankyou to fossil fuel

“For soon we be weaners”, is a light hearted tribute and a thankyou, to the lives of long ago, that collectively made our fossil fuel.
Larger size Pic from CWM’s Flickr is below: Further info is further down.

“For soon we be weaners”



“For soon we be weaners”, is a light hearted short essay or perhaps a poem.
Either way it is a tribute and a thankyou, to the lives of long ago, that collectively made our fossil fuel. A fuel type we use to power our own (human) development, through these recent times
We have powered our rapid development, our growth….. and now in times where we head towards “used up”, we will most probably search and discover alternatives….. and then become weaners….. So….. “For soon we be weaners”



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8 Responses to "Funnies – “For soon we be weaners” – a light hearted thankyou to fossil fuel"

  1. cwm says:

    Feedback on image, used so far, for:

    * shared just for fun
    * lecture on – fossil = past life = todays fuel
    * business talk regarding “carbon cycle”
    * business talk regarding “stored work done long ago = fuel now = finite”

  2. Tasmin says:

    Soooooooooo considerate to the true makers of fossil fuel. It’s a funny poem? I’d say a poem! But it has a true thought that it is lives from the past that we are using. Also this brings home that it is a finite resource.
    Also I would add [now] that we have been privileged to have had the larders for us, by their work.

    It’s very good for stimulating thought.

  3. Paul Sanders says:

    Very interesting. I know it is pitched as a light hearted affair, but I like the deeper spectrum of the poem.
    we should indeed become weaners. Time to grow up from living off of mummies milk easy ready made provisions. Time to be more grown up ourselves. Time to consider with all our minds: how and what is a way of fueling us forward in near future.

    Agree a thank you to “”them from the distant past””. Wierd how energy works out.

  4. Jack Davies says:

    Ok I must fess up that I didn’t get it first time round. I had in my mind that becoming a weaner was to become more child like, from my adult perspective.

    Then the penny dropped.
    We human are child-like in the evolution time-line and are getting a great boost from a stored energy source that is finite.. So becoming weaners is a move UP not down. I get it

    I actually thought of a chick in an egg. It gets a store, a finite store of ready to use energy. i.e. the yoke. It may seem huge supply and provided for by mummy, but in time it will run out and the chick should be smart and strong enough to leave and start living as a ‘grown-up’ now the easy yoke grub is finite and used.

    weaning occurs from child like dependance into more independant self sufficient adult. You are saying that is us now: weaners!!!

    Apart from me getting really heavy, it was a funny poem (or short essay!!!) 😮

    1. Tasmin says:

      Nice thinking Jack. The analogy of the chick in the egg, with the finite store of energy compares well to poems concept of finite store from critters n veggies of long ago forming larders of ready to go fossil fuel supply.

      We’ve had discussions on this and the [larder] and the [finite] element of this poem strikes up very strong debate on over dependance becoming unwise i.e. not growing up and YES [[[[ becoming weaners ]]]]

      An example that came up was Easter Island. They didn’t wean themselves off of trees for fuel and so kept going and ended up decimating the island, now near bare of trees. The community vanished because of this [poor decision] to not wean off trees as fuel and search for a replacement.

      There are other fuels we use now and other fuels to explore. Meanwhile a tribute to the [yoke sack of energy] we have been using up is proving funny and stimulating for debate.

  5. Mike Palmer says:

    Nicely said. All the “fuel” is work done by previous eforts of previous life. Shared for education. Very helpful for stimulus to enlighten and/or discuss.
    Mike Palmer

  6. Sam says:

    I like the angle this takes. It is not political, or “greeny”. It comes from just thinking of what fosil fuel IS and the work of OTHERS that went into PROVIDING it – for US to discover and use.
    It relates to biology, chemistry, physics, geology, with physical and social geography,
    I could use it in all these subjects to educate, if I may. thanks.

  7. Charlie Dean says:

    Superb angle of considering the true reality of “fossil” in fossil fuel.
    It is “work done” by “others” gone before.
    And it will be “finite”, even if we can explore and find other deposits, it is still a “deposit”, “deposited by others gone before”.
    Love this as as mentioned in previous comment) it doesn’t carry political or greeny sentiments, it is original considerations popped into form of prose.
    Will use. Thanks.

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