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Snippets – Starfish turns it’s stomach inside out

starfish pokes it's stomach out to feed on musselSnippets are short clips that reveal a simple visualised event.
Here a Starfish…. Cushion Star (Asterina gibbosa) can be seen turning it’s stomach inside out.
It inverts the stomach to the outside of itself, where it can digest it’s food. The food in the video is a Common Mussel (Mytilus edulis).
In the wild, the Cushion Star (Asterina gibbosa) finds a mussel, straddles it, then pulls it open very slightly.
Once there is a small gap between the mussel bivales – It then inverts it’s stomach into and againgst the mussel and starts to digest it, then and there.

The video snippet – is a shot taken against a small sheet of glass, so as the occurence can be observed and filmed.

The image is a selection of timelapsed still frames edited in sequence.


See the doings from the SeaShore Antics YouTube Channel vid’.
Starfish pokes it’s stomach inside out.


Sea Shore Antics…. It’s what they do!

In this video:
Cushion Star – Latin name = Asterina gibbosa
Common Mussel – Latin name = Mytilus edulis

Filmed through glass plate to get the observation
Sequence of Timelapsed Stills


End Note.
Perhaps the video clip may be helpful as stimulus for education or intrigue – To learn or start discussions on our seashore and it’s inhabitants.
(we’re all having a go at living on this planet… Earth)

The starfish and mussels, that are alive and kicking on this planet, in their environments….. are attempting to survive right now, today.

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  1. admin says:

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  2. Catherine says:

    How incredible is nature? Answer very!

    This stomach inversion is incredible. It makes perfect sense as the starfish must only be able to prize the clam open a tiny bit, but thats all thats needed.

    Oh dear, I wonder if any have lost the pull and had their tummies chopped off. What a fascinating world of life we have.

    Good idea to get pics looking at this through a glass plate. Thank you.

  3. Bethany Harper says:

    Seeing is believing. I’ve watched them pull open and feed on this mussels before, but only from above (normal view point.
    This idea to set up against glass, reveals what is otherwise hidden. Love nature. So much to learn. Thankyou

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