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Funnies – What could go wrong with an attitude of: “ah… It’ll be alright”

“Ah….. It’ll be alright”, is a cartoon ribbing human nature’s attitude to continue whilst overlooking and/or ignoring, possible consequences.
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“Ah….. It’ll be alright”

A cartoon, for a bit if fun, designed to take a light-hearted poke at human nature’s potential habit of continuing on, regardless of possible consequences.

The idea came from recent articles floating around, pointing out the demise of the planet’s forests.
As this topic has been repeated many times before, a thought was jumped to, regarding an already completed wipe-out of tress and a known story….. the one of Easter Island.
This thought was then expanded to apply to the planet…. should we continue to use up the trees.

The statues are recognisable to a large number of people, as representing the Easter Island….. so plonking them, looking out into space, was a way of duplicating the comparison of the wiping out of trees…. but, this time in relation with the whole planet.
The commentary, is placed with “visitors” and the reference is given to past tense… “…. where the inhabitants used to…”

One would expect us to mature as well as evolve….. so I’m sure we’ll do stuff like, fix-things-up and in time, potter off to new pastures…. but in the mean time…..
Perhaps the cartoon could be used to start or spin a conversation / argument…. about our use on planetary resources…. Earth…. our island in space.



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6 Responses to "Funnies – What could go wrong with an attitude of: “ah… It’ll be alright”"

  1. Tasmin says:

    How on earth did they not stop using the trees on Easter Island? Will we just do the same, really (seems like some of us WOULD). Frightening.
    Funny cartoon though. Great idea. I’ll use this for educational aid, to add the fun to a serious issue.

  2. Kerry Chapman says:

    Lack of trees could be a legacy. Acidic oceans may be another legacy.
    Even if we do or we don’t trash the planet, it is prudent to study, discuss and learn about how it works, how we work (could work better).
    Good humorous cartoon to broach the subject. Nice.

  3. Tony Bellchambers says:

    He Ha!! Hey Ho!
    That would be really embarrasing if it turned out to be true, but seems the world is showing that trees are important – see here for world map study:

    Looks like we may end up as good caretakers, as we learn, then act. Learning is the key and discussions are always beneficial, as are experiments, records and published results.

    Funny cartoon. Good for topic starter. Thanks.

  4. cwm says:

    haha, yep, just for fun…. probably won’t need to build any statues
    As long as the cartoon can help to start / stimulate a discussion on human efforts regarding, in this case, resources, then it serves ok.

    Helpful link, Tony…. visual mapping of data (hope accurate) is another useful education awareness tool.
    cheers all

  5. Charlie Brown says:

    Earth may well bounce back and refresh, should things go sour (for us).
    We humans may well become extinct (on Earth), as have only been around for a relatively short bit of geological time.

    Just learning about the planet is perhaps the wisdom to ascertain, now.

  6. Sam says:

    What a great cartoon illustration – to initiate an argument, bebate, discussion.
    Will use it in class rooms for young and older. Great stimulus.

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