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Funnies – “Turn your fricking EM’s down – we’re trying to sleep”

meteor flies towards earth with a note pinned to it

It was noticed that the incoming meteor had a note attached to it…. (just for fun!)
Full size Pic from CWM’s Flickr is below: Further info is further down.

“Turn your fricking EM’s down, we are trying to sleep”

For amusement, we invented mischief with the truth that over the next months and years, there are to be a series of space rock meteors, that are to zing by the Earth, at a very close distance….. so we made the cartoon for fun.

– Just for your info:
None of the meteors are (we are told) on a path that will collide with Earth.

– Just for your info:
EM’s refer to the Electro and Magnetic part of electromagnetic radiation……Earth has enjoyed radiating these EM waves noticeably since the invention of Radio and TV…. Programmes broadcast around our own planet are still radiating out into space at the speed of light….. out into the void.

It is those last words….. “out into the void”…… that got us thinking, that us Earth people, may now be really bugging some of our closer alien neighbours with loud music, and old-time TV shows….. the same effect as having a house party, enjoying the music, but maybe not quite realising that your lovely music is still travelling out and across the road…. to your neighbour….. who’s patience is wearing thin….. hence the “note” in the cartoon….. delivered attached to a rock….. and as said, actual space rocks are truely heading this way….. yeh, probably not with notes attached…. but our version is more fun.



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8 Responses to "Funnies – “Turn your fricking EM’s down – we’re trying to sleep”"

  1. Brenda P Jones says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha. Imagine that happening. Very funny, yet a little un-nerving as it means they are upse t!!!!
    “turn it down!” was brilliant. I wonder the content of the EM rads – both radio shows and TV?? – Oh dear!!

    This would depend on their distance from us. The time for electromagnetic waves (speed of light) to get to them. From the sent-from-earth time (only 100 ish years ago). Then their is the time of their patience running out (unknown). Then there is the time for the rock with note to be hurled and travel here – someone else do the maths!

  2. Dave says:

    HA HA, Oh Yeh!
    Aliens are tempermental, irritable, and thuggish (throwing rocks) when it comes to discussion and negotiations. hehe that’s funny, we always expect them to be highly intelligent.
    Good cartoon, cheers

  3. Jack Davies says:

    Great cartoon. Very funny idea and thinking. My immediate worry is a two fold problem.

    On one hand I am reassured as all these real incoming meteors have been calculated to be near but not hits on Earth.
    So now with this cartooned note, I wonder how long it will be before they find out THEY MISSED !!!

  4. Charlie says:

    We have been kicking out EM radiation from 100 years in radio, so anything up 100 light years away can NOW recieve it.
    We may be irritating a lot of ‘beings’ out there – pending which channel they can tune into – wow the future is exciting, but may well involve trying to justify some crap radio n TV progs 😮

  5. Tasmin says:

    Yes very funny. 100 light years away can receive our radio EM waves. So upto 50 lightyears could have returned a signal as well, providing “they” have out tech as well. We’ve only had raio for 100 years which is tiny years compared with geological time.

    The note says we are like noisey neighbours to those with our tech and sensitive EM “hearing”

    I want to get a good look at the incoming meteors – for any notes attached ;o

  6. Harry Thompson says:

    he he he. Funny thinking. There was one over Russia today. It burned up in the atmosphere. There was no mention and would probably be no evidence left of a “note” attached on that one !!!!!!!!

    I now really wish to find a “note” on one of them coming this way. Very funny introduction to the possibllity of “first contact” with another cosmic like minded (perhaps not so polite) neighbour.

  7. Elizabeth Aldrin says:

    Soooooooooooooo amusing.

    We love ‘first contact’ & ‘first words’.

    To now imagine: First contact = A note
    To now imagine: First words = “Turn your fricking EM’s down, we are trying to sleep”
    ……….. all because we have been noisy neighbours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soooooooooooooo amusing x

  8. Sam says:

    Sooo funny. Would be hilarious of this was how “first contact” was realised. Really annoyed neighbours. HaHa :).
    Perhaps previous notes have already been sent, but burnt up in atmosphere.

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