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Funnies – “Now” … so what will be “now”, some years later? (love science)

“Now”, is a cartoon highlighting a couple of snapshots in time…. revealing progress… so what will be “now”, some years later?
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“Now”… love science series by Cave Wall Media (

For a bit if fun, we considered how “us – lot” (humans), have come a long way, regarding being able to “see” and understand, a bigger picture of what is around us.
The idea for this cartoon, was borne from reading a few recent articles regarding other planets, just within our own galaxy, that have been spotted to be in a “habitable” zone, around their own solar system.


Straight away it was condidered, that even if there were already, right NOW, inhabitants actually pottering around on these planets…. we, at the moment, have no way to travel or communicate, in immediate terms.

But then it was considered….
In the days of cave people…. the distance just around our own planet was too great…. due to the limitations to hand, regarding transport and communications ability, that they had…. or rather, had NOT…. access to…. at the time…. the NOW time…. as in then, kinda thing.


So what will be NOW…. some years later?
( a love for science may help attain a few new things…. go do!)



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3 Responses to "Funnies – “Now” … so what will be “now”, some years later? (love science)"

  1. Tasmin says:

    Yeh, yeh, yeh! At the time, the NOW bit, they did not know any thing different. They could just imagine and consider and guess.
    Space stations and sat navs and high res cameras and email could not be conceived in the caveman times.

    So what next? Something faster than the speed of light will be found and harnessed.

  2. Fiona Watson says:

    I’d love to see the new discoveries, and to know who discovered what for what.
    I would also love to go back and be a cavegirl (but if truthful, it would be with what I know now), which is defeating the object of the thought.
    Science is good.

  3. Charlie Dean says:

    Cartoon is simply awesome stimulus for pondering future and considering reality of “our” past “limitations”. Although my so called “limitations” were actually maximised or at least seeking to maximise knowledge at the time..
    .I consider “at the time” to be the important phrase, because looking back we have the present knowledge, but “at the time” they know no different.
    What next is brilliant question to pitch, in order to stimulate imaginative thinking and also to produce (if known) actual discoveries that are known but groups didn’t know we knew (kind of learning).
    Will use, thanks

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