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Funnies – “A matter of perception” – good day, bad day.

It is a matter of perception when two living creatures desire a different outcome
Larger size Pic from CWM’s Flickr is below: Further info is further down.

“A matter of perception”

For amusement, we have invented and printed thought bubbles to an otherwise true life photo we took whilst studying rock pools.
The true life photo shows a pair of UK sea shore rock pool fish in an everyday battle of survival….. The Sea Scorpion (left) has pounced and grabbed (head first) the Commen Blenny (right) and is trying to swallow it…… whole….. BUT:

– Just for your info:
The sea scorpion has a firm grip on the blenny…… It’s usual practice, is to gulp its prey down whole…… In the photo, this is what it is trying to do.

– Just for your info:
The blenny has stuck out it’s pectoral fins (seen just in front of SS mouth)….. This has the effect of preventing it being gulped further into the mouth, then the stomach of ‘big mouth’.

– So…… As, what you see here, is occuring every day in our wildlife world of survival…… Both parties are desiring an opposite outcome….. So we thought “perception” would be an amusing human thought provocation….. and we popped some “thought bubbles” to make this point a visual one.



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4 Responses to "Funnies – “A matter of perception” – good day, bad day."

  1. cwm says:

    Feedback on image, used so far, for:

    * shared just for fun
    * lecture on – reality of wildlife daily survival
    * pep talk on – “positive thinking”
    * pep talk on – “never give up”
    * business seminar regarding “awareness”
    * business seminar regarding “fairness as civil humans v business!”

  2. Tasmin says:

    This is funny on several levels, but also allows for use on serious thought and discussion..

    Useful for visual aid for talk on “Fairness”, With great debate on both sides argueing for and against being eaten or not!
    There was not a winning side. But rules were invented (by humans). Civilisation begins here!!!!!

  3. Mike Palmer says:

    Used in lecture on “reality of wildlife daily doings”. The perception title is excellent for discussion. Thanks
    Mike Palmer

  4. Charlie Dean says:

    Such a good phrase when you mention “both parties are desiring a different outcome”. The title “perception” is spot on to discuss arguments and debate from both sides of the predicament.
    Will use for wildlife reality discussion, also people on a social (democratic) subject on difficulr decisions regarding “need” and “want” (slightly more tricky).
    It is very interesting to point out that this (depicted in the image) is “real world” ocuurance and perhaps humans are only different (some humans) because of our “laws” and “rules” that try to counter this “raw” action with what we may call man made civility type ways of conduct.
    Cheers for Pic.

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