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Sea Shore Antics

montage of sea shore fish and the shore line


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Cave Wall Media presents: Sea Shore Antics.
Sea Shore Antics has an interest of seashore marine wildlife that survive in and around rock pools, tidal and near shore areas on the UK coast.

It is easily possible to look at most of these creatures down at the sea shore, in and around the rock pools, or at an aquarium, but it is seldom possible to actually see what they need to, and do get up to, just to survive and therefore remain living.


Each story has still photos, a short video, or both, to show what they get up to. Each story carries some written info to help describe what is occuring and so offer a little more information.

Each story is designed to be brief. More a sample introduction to their world.
There is a lot of information around about each of the creatures you will see on Sea Shore Antics….. but there is not a lot of opportunity to observe their antics….. that is what this category is about.

Once you have seen what they get up to, then, if your interest is raised, you can go on to find out more about each creature…. whilst now knowing …… mostly when noone is usually looking……. what they can get up to.


Cave Wall Media Articles, carries a ‘Sea Shore Antics’ category with a collection of….. err, well….. sea shore antics …. It’s what they do!

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