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Left Ear Driver is a character best described as a calm natured individual with hint of rascal….. who potters around in his private hire taxi, collecting money to keep his head above water and pay for his daytime studies, of science then media.

Left Ear Drivers personal experiences, random adventures, social mishaps, fun and other contemplations are given as a collection of short stories;…

Range of musings comprise:
* Contemplations about peoples incredibly varied attitudes. Drink, drugs, punchy, kissy, chatty, loopy, funny, lost, scared, triumphant, arrogant, beautiful… etc

* How to stay conscious with smelly customers

* Arguments & reasonings

* Self defence mode… blocking sustained attack of 24 punches to the head….

* The insanity of surviving the recession by working 56 hours a week… just to cover overheads..

* Sometimes you see beauty turn to horror (of sorts), as with the little chirpy chirpy chatty 3 year old girl who, sat with her mum, investigating and reasoning EVERYTHING, in that amazing free spirit of innocence and curiousity – before shattering the brilliant relaxed and refreshingly vibrant in-car atmosphere, by announcing, after an unusual short pause….. “I’m going to pee now”.

And more such stories… coming soon, as and when.

Left Ear Driver stories contain:
* occasional strong language and scenes of a natural nature… (local wildlife)


Cave Wall Media Articles carries a ‘Left Ear Driver’ category where the to-date published collection can be discovered as newly published and or from the monthly archives section

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